‘There is a picture of the mandala of cosmic sound that fell into my hands one day. Years later Pansori Living Sound became a representation of this living cosmic sound’.

Since 1985 I work as a body-centered psychotherapist. Twenty years ago a woman came to me with severe brain-trauma. After an accident several functions were damaged: memory loss, no ability to concentrate, no orientation in time and space and a disturbance in smell and taste. She came and said: I feel that you can help me.
From a far and silent space a sentence came to me: YOU CAN ONLY SING.
I sang for her and after a month all her symptoms were gone.
What had these sounds done??

New sounds

Half a year later I move to France and the only thing I take with me is this: my research project into sound. There begins a long search that resulted 10 years later into the Pansori Living Sound-approach.
I studied the anatomy of sound, of the voice, of the ears. For three years I rolled on the floor to understand the connection between sound and movement. How do the bones sound, which sound reaches the organs, what makes the endocrine glands more alive, can sound access the central nervous system and the brain?
And….I searched for new sounds. I was familiar with classical singing, now I immersed myself into Gregorian harmonics, mantra-singing, old-oriental music therapy, shamanistic singing, soefi-sounds, dhrupad and ragas. I searched wherever I could.

This lasted for 7 years and in every tradition I found something valuable but always I had to move on and let go of what I had found.


I searched for new sounds, frequencies and vibrations there were at the edge of what we could hear and sing. Where could I find those?
The moment I had my first lesson in sound oriented singing of the Lichtenberger method I knew: this is the entrance into a whole new field of sound for me. For 10 years I had private singing lessons in the Lichtenberger method and I followed a one-year-training at the Lichtenberger Institute.
Step by step Pansori Living Sound grew while it integrated sound-oriented singing, my research into anatomy, sound and movement and a way of working that I coined ‘vocal presence’.
More and more people wanted me to sing for them and time and again the first experience was repeated.
It was time to look at the scientific base for Pansori and to test the effects and results of the singing.

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Therapy and training

After 7 years of research I started to work with more and more people and I discovered on how many different aspects the sound could have its effect: brain damage and neurological dysfunctions, coma-patients, scar-tissue, dyslexia, dysfunctional organs, handicapped people and all kinds of traumatic experiences and emotional imbalances. My practice was thriving and I realized how important it was to teach Pansori to others. In 2008 that resulted in the 1st Pansori Living Sound-training. In January 2017 the 5e Pansori Living Sound-training will start in the Netherlands and there are trainings in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. In the training I share my experience and knowledge about the effect of sound and we explore the enormous potential for healing that is present in every voice.

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