Pansori Living Sound spreads like rings on water to different parts of the world with lectures, trainings and workshop in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia, with Pansori-singing trips and in collaboration with scientist who make the effect of Pansori visible in their research. What started 20 years ago as a small research project in rural France has developed into a Pansori-field of sound and resonance that can be felt everywhere and is expanding rapidly.

The Netherlands

Pansori-sound therapists:
In the Netherlands 40 people have completed the two-year Pansori-training and 25 people have done the follow-up training in order to work with Pansori Living Sound as a therapy. Some people give singing lessons, others use Pansori Living Sound as an addition to their work as a medical doctor, a music-therapist, singer, choir director, nurse or homeopathic doctor.
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Pansori Sound Institute:
Since 2014 there is a Pansori Sound Institute in the Netherlands. It is a space to share experiences, to study and research specific topics and to compile the results of different tests and sessions. There are small study groups that work on special topics: a Tinnitus-research group, a group that studies and researches brain damages and Pansori and a group looking for possibilities to do scientific research into the effect of the Pansori-singing.
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Taiwan: In 2009 Yvonne is invited to Taiwan to give lectures and workshops. Asia has a centuries-old tradition of using sounds for healing in which each tone is clearly defined. A Taiwanese doctor hears Yvonne’s singing and realizes that her sounds could renew this traditional way. He sees a need for renewal and change.
Since 2009 we travel to Taiwan two times a year to give public lectures, performances, shorter and longer workshops and private sessions. In 2010 we started the first two-year Pansori Living Sound-training. Six students have finished the training and are in the process to become certified Pansori-therapists.

Hongkong: Soon after the introduction of Pansori in Taiwan a group in Hong Kong becomes interested. Also there we start with introductory lectures, private sessions and short workshops. On the 29th floor of one of the innumerable skyscrapers people discover the incredible possibilities of their own voice.

China: After a few short introductions and workshops in Beijing as part of a promotion tour for the CD’s there is a growing interest in China for further introduction into Pansori. We are exploring the possibility to start a three-year Pansori-training soon.

Malaysia:The first contacts with Malaysia develop when Yvonne gives a lecture about Pansori on a conference in Kuala Lumpur. After that a few Malaysians that live in Europe take part in a workshop.

The expanding field

From 2014 onwards Pansori Living Sound grows rapidly and it becomes more and more clear that Yvonne cannot respond to all the requests herself. In 2013 Esther Putter replaces Addy Wartena as a Pansori-teacher in the trainings in the Netherlands and Far East.
Some students have completed their Pansori-training in both Taiwan and Hongkong and are interested to spread Pansori in this part of the world. They are available for Pansori-sessions. For information: Yvonne de Bruijn:

In 2012 Yvonne’s book ‘The Voice, the Body and the Brain – het Art of Resonance’ has been translated in traditional Chinese (Mandarin). The book is widely spread and many people who take part in the new trainings and workshops have read the book and want to experience the effect of Pansori. Yvonne’s Cd-albums are also widely used.
In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia these sounds introduce a new approach to sound that is much appreciated.

In various countries in the Far East Pansori Living Sound cooperates with local organizations. For information: Yvonne de Bruijn:




An important part of Pansori is research into the effect of the Pansori-sounds. We want to understand more and better how the sounds work exactly. Pansori is a fascinating field of study and we have a strong desire to expand in this area.
Yvonne collaborates with José Hoogeveen, who regularly organizes conferences called: The Art of Healing. The conferences are a symbiosis of Science, Art and Soul in Health. During these conferences the scientific support of complementary medicine is a central issue.

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