Pansori Living Sound

Pansori Living Sound works with unique and fascinating sounds that touch all areas of human life: physical, emotional, mental and social. We sing for people from head to toes and the free Pansori-sounds bring movement and change into what has become blocked. Twenty years ago a woman came to me with severe brain damage, after singing her brain started to heal. This baffled me, what had the sounds done?


After this first experience my research project into the effect of sound started and step by step Pansori developed. After years of research and developing the freedom of the sounds of my own voice, I discovered how the sounds can have their healing effect. I not only researched the development of sound but also new insights in neurology, biology and quantum physics that relate to the effect of sound. With several scientists I tested the effect of the Pansori-sounds.

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The name

PANSORI means ‘playground of the voice’ and it is also the name of an ancient Korean opera style in which one singer expresses all the roles and aspects of a story, supported by a drummer. To have a healing effect also the Pansori-singer needs to sing all the different aspects of the sounds. I chose LIVING because in Pansori-singing it is always about the living sound in the moment and SOUND because the vibrations that become audible and have their effect are not only found in harmony, but also in disharmony, whispering, singing without audible sound and the development of new sounds.

The Field

Pansori developed step by step since 1995 and extends its activities more and more. From The Netherlands into different countries in Europe and to the Far East. It started as a sound therapy for people with neurological deficiencies and now sings in all different locations and groups. For people who work with physically handicapped people, in music therapy, in classical singing. There are Pansori Living Sound-trainings in several parts of the world and the field of resonance becomes bigger and stronger.

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