Welcome to the fascinating world of Pansori Living Sound.

The Pansori-training is meant for people who wish to use their voice for healing. Pansori-singing can be used in a private practice – both complementary as well as mainstream medicine. It is also used in institutions like hospitals, nursing-homes, hospices, schools and in psychotherapeutic sessions. Professional singers and musicians discover the freeing and deepening effect of the voice within Pansori.

In Pansori Living Sound we get to know and learn to use the incredible potential of the human voice. The voice as an instrument for healing has been underestimated for a long time. Developments in physics show that our universe is built on vibration and resonance. That brings about radical changes in neurology, biology and medicine. Frequency, vibration and resonance become more and more important in healing processes. The Pansori approach with the singing voice is a unique way to influence these fields of vibration and resonance.

The voice as instrument

In Pansori Living Sound we discover the rich sounds that are present in each voice. By using small stimulations and exercises we enlarge our vocal range. To accomplish this the development of the sensitivity of our ear is crucial. Step by step new sounds will arise and our voice changes. We start producing and hearing the high frequencies in the sound.

High frequencies

These partial tones which have a crystalline quality are called brilliance and many of us have never heard them. By listening deeper and without judging our ears develop in an unprecedented way. Our vocal range becomes bigger and we perceive new sounds with values up till 12000 Hz. In the sound oriented singing developed by Gisela Rohmert from the Lichtenberger Institut, these high frequencies in the voice are liberated. In Pansori we apply this kind of singing. Brilliance arises when the larynx and the vocal cords are freely moving. These brilliant sounds are the ones which have their unbelievable and direct effect on us.

Resonance and Vocal Presence

Resonance is a key concept in the healing capacity of the voice. Through the sounds of the voice awaken new frequencies in the field between the Pansori-singer and the client. These new frequencies influence old patterns and create a new balance. The voice becomes a vocal presence in this field, which brings more coherence. These processes are a possible explanation for the extraordinary healing processes that take place. During the recent years the results of the Pansori singing are tested in various ways.

Experiential anatomy

To experience the body in sound and movement is an important element in Pansori Living Sound. We study the anatomy always in connection with sound. The sounds put us in resonance with the body and this resonance opens the possibility for development and change. We work with different body-systems like: the skeletal-muscular system, the organs, the different senses, the endocrine system, the central nervous system, the cranio-sacral system, the blood circulation, the reflexes and the breathing. The larynx and how it functions are a special area of study.


In the training there is a special emphasis on the influence of the singing voice on the brain. Brain studies have shown that we do not actively use large parts of our brain. This creative potential is fascinating. The latest neuroscientific insights confirm that sound has unique possibilities to tap into that potential. Sound can influence the plasticity of our brain and support the brain in taking over functions of damaged parts of the brain.

Content of the training

The first year is devoted to the discovery and development of our own voice.
During the second year we learn to use our voice as an instrument of healing.

The training is important for music-therapists, choir conductors, singing teachers, composers and professional singers of every kind. Medical doctor, nurses, people in the field of education, psychotherapists, holistic healers and people who want to discover their own voice will love the training.

At the end of the training the participants can apply Pansori to their own field of activity. For everyone who works with people Pansori Living Sound is a welcome addition and expansion of their work.


Yvonne de Bruijn
Pansori teacher and researcher
Esther Putter
Pansori teacher and classical singer
Addy Wartena
Pansori supervisor and storyteller


For more information the Pansori office: marietdiepgrond@xs4all.nl

In other countries the contents of the training is the same, but the set-up is a little different. Usually Yvonne and Esther come twice a year to give the different levels of the Pansori-training. For level I, II and III people are free to take them in any order they want. Level IV, V and VI should be taken in a sequence.