Private sessions

Since 2000 I work with Pansori Living Sound in my private sessions. Before that I worked 20 years as a Hakomi psychotherapist (Hakomi Integrative Psychology™). I became fascinated by the voice as a healing instrument and discovered that sound also accelerates our personal growth.

Every body is constantly re-balancing itself. We become ill when our balance is disturbed for longer periods. The causes for this disturbance can be physical, emotional, mental or social. When there is acquired brain impairment or early traumatic experiences these disturbances can be extremely severe. The sounds of the Pansori-singing have a strong structuring effect which creates a new balance in the body and psyche. Thus both the body and psychological traumas can be healed. We find more freedom and happiness in life. I am trained as a Hakomi-psychotherapist, after that I followed training in Voice Movement Integration and Bodywork and studied sound oriented singing at the Lichtenberger Institut in Germany. I am a certified member of ISMETA - International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association in New York.

I also give singing lessons in the Pansori method. For classical singers and amateurs these lessons will explore the potential in their voices. At the same time the Pansori-sounds can bring more awareness into our lives. The new sounds that develop in our voice are a source of deep joy and we discover new areas of sound.



I hold a practice in France and also give sessions through Skype.
For appointments in France and through Skype: