Two times a year the teachers of the Pansori-training give an introductory workshop for everybody who wants to experience Pansori or wants to hear more about the different trainings. During this day Yvonne and Esther tell about the background and development of Pansori Living Sound. They share their experiences of the last 20 years with this special kind of healing sound and show the scientific background of Pansori Living Sound.
Yvonne gives a demonstration and an individual lesson, so the participants can see and experience the effect of the sounds. They offer practical exercises to explore and experience the connection between sound and body. And of course there is singing and sounding together.

Yvonne de Bruijn and Esther Putter


China and Taiwan

Introductory lectures about Pansori are given in China and Taiwan.

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Yein Hiew gives introductory lectures and short workshops about Pansori Living Sound and organizes the Pansori Living Sound-training in Malaysia.

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