Follow-up training

In this follow-up training there is a focus on the balance between heart and head.

The heart gives us authentic information about invisible things - James Hillman

This training consists of 5 workshops and regular supervision and we deepen our knowledge and experience about the therapeutic skills needed to work with Pansori Living Sound.


The Art of Resonance
We deepen our experience with the art of resonance, vocal presence and the flow of heart. We look at interference patterns: constructive and destructive interference and how they influence key-note, vowel, vibrato and brilliance of the voice.


Developmental Movement
In this workshop we work with the origin of our movement-patterns that develop during the first 18 months of our life. These patterns define our movements, underlie the development of our brain and are basic to our sense of identity. An expansion of these patterns will bring unknown changes and free us from old patterns which limited our lives for a long time.


The Living Heart
In this cycle of three workshops we address the wounds of the heart. These are not physical wounds, but early traumatic experiences. From these experiences our inner ideas about ourselves originate like: 'I cannot trust anybody' or ‘Whatever I do it has no meaning'. In the workshops we discover and experience how these patterns have shaped our character. We connect these character-structures with the first developmental movement-patterns. They shape the neurological pathways in our brain which underlie our character-structure. We discover the possibilities to extend this movement-patterns and how we can use the Pansori-sounds to heal these deep traumas. This offers us a large range of possibilities to work with our clients.


Yvonne de Bruijn