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‘Without lyrics and melody her singing seems to have come from the universe and transforms sacred waves and frequencies into an incredible human voice’.


Pansori Living Sound – Album with 2 Cd’s about the brain: the brilliant sounds can strengthen and heal brain connections.

Cd 1 A calming journey for deep brain structures

Cd 2 Activates and balances the right- and left hemispheres of the brain

Price Pansori Living Sound-album: € 35 (not including postage)



Children of the Heart – Album with 2 Cd’s in which Yvonne sings about the origins of new life. Her voice comes from the source of love in the universe and liberates us from the pain of the past.

Cd 1 A Brain is Born is about the development of the baby in the mother’s womb from before conception until birth

Cd 2 On Becoming a Family sings for the growing connection between the child and the parents and the child’s connection to the world.

Price Children of the Heart-album: € 39.95 (not including postage)


For a Blue and Green Planet

On this CD Yvonne sings the new frequencies that will support a change for the better on our planet. From the beginning of Pansori Living Sound Yvonne hears sounds that originate from the source in the center of the universe. Those sounds surround our earth. On this CD those sounds become audible and embodied, so they can effect the vibrations around us and prepare our DNA for the big changes in which we participate. Fragments of the CD can be listened to on Apple Music:

Price Sounds for a Blue and Green Planet: € 15 (not including postage)


The CD is also available through the streaming service of Apple Music and can be downloaded there. Fragments
of the CD can be listened to on Apple Music:



Yvonne’s book describes the astonishing story of the discovery of the healing sound of the human voice.

‘This is an incredible journey to the very center of the universe. If you honestly want to learn how sound heals, read Yvonne’s story and become illuminated with the hard-won truth she has brought back from her voyage.’ – Daniel Statnekov – writer of Animated Earth.

The Voice, The Body and The Brain – The Art of Resonance- Yvonne de Bruijn (engelse editie)

Price: € 25 (not including postage)

The Chinese version of Yvonne’s book is published in Mandarin.
Publisher: Oak Tree Publishing Company in Taiwan
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The Cd’s and English book can be ordered through the Pansori-office: Pansori office (



On So channel you will find a one-hour interview with Yvonne in English in which she talks about the background of Pansori Living Sound. The interview was held in Hongkong by Harriet Tsoi.


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