In 2005 Yvonne wanted to understand deeper and better what was happening while she sang for people and she decided to find scientists who could test the effect of her singing and gather scientific proof of what she was doing.

Since 2000 she treated people with different health problems and exceptional healings took place. She discovered that the voice can work on many different levels simultaneously, it is multidimensional. The voice effects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/social level, but can also reach into other dimensions of reality and expand in many directions. The voice re-balances those multi-dimensional multilayered realities. This re-balancing brings healing and also expands the consciousness of the people sung to so they are rooted more in the multi-dimensionality of their own soul and essence.

Three different tests took place between 2005 - 2008

1. Visual field

University of Utrecht – Dr. D. Bergsma: testing the visual field after a CVA. Click here for the test


2. Brainwave-activity

Neurofeedback Center Hilversum – Ir. G. Roozemond: testing brainwave-activity in client with severe brain damage. Click here for the test


3. bio photon emission

International Institute of Biophysics e. V. in Neuss, Germany - Prof Fritz-Albert Popp: testing bio photon emission and the regulation of the body while singing Click here for the test